Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sleep and Bodybuilding, How Much Sleep?

Sleep – Missing link to growth
by Dwayne Hines

Have you tried everything but still can’t get the growth you want?
The answer you are seeking may be quite simple – so simple that you
may overlook it. What might the key to advancement be? - Sleep.
Sleep may be the very thing that you are overlooking, neglecting or
not putting enough emphasis on.

Hans Selye, a noted researcher on the human body, stated that in
order to make progress, challenge must be balanced with recovery.
In other words, you need to offset those hard-charging workouts with
an adequate amount of sleep.

African lions have the sleep element nailed down. They sleep around
20 hours a day, letting their big muscles grow and grow. Growth, by
the way, occurs during sleep, not during the action.

The same is true for the bodybuilder – growth occurs during sleep.
That means if you are not getting much sleep, you are not getting
much growth. It’s that simple. However, lots of guys burn the candle
at both ends – hard core workouts during the day, then lots of
partying at night. Or simply staying up a little later to watch the
late show or movie. That may be fun but it short-changes your growth

Lack of sleep cuts in a couple of ways. First, it limits growth.
Second, it cuts into the energy stores for the next workout. Not
getting adequate sleep is very harmful to the growth potential of
the physique. Sure, you can pull it off a few times, but over time
it adds up and keeps you from maximizing growth.

Of course the answer here is simple – sleep more. Add an extra
half-hour or so whenever you can. Make an effort to carve out some
time for just sleep. Naps help, but a longer extended sleeping
period is really the best tool to support hard core training.

Dwayne Hines is the author of The Growth Zone – a new approach to
building mass muscle fast.

And Conditioning for Fighting – a mixed training approach for those
who want to improve their fight conditioning.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Q. I was working with you online for workouts and nutrition, and I had
a question. You suggested I eat a mostly raw food plan. How did you
figure out what I was supposed to eat? What you did worked, but the
normal fitness nutrition plan is something like protein 30, carb 40
and fat 30 or a high protein diet. When doing raw foods it does not
work out that way. I want to get into personal training one day and
you're the only one I know that seems to understand how to get what
someone wants to look like by the way they should eat. Can you share
anything with me?

Thank you,


A. The mostly raw food fitness plan came about after my doing
research for 30 years and trying every nutrition plan out there, it
comes down a few basics:

Read the full article at Raw Food and Fitness

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What are Forced Reps?

Just when you are about to give up, there is a break in the resistance
as your partner lends a hand. You reach into your soul to muster one
more morsel of energy, and the bar starts to move upward slowly.
Grimacing, your arms finally reach full extension, and you let out a
deep gasp. Then, before you can feel a moment of relief and
accomplishment your partner calls out, "Come on! One more! Let's go!"

The former is a description of a high-intensity technique known to the
training world as Forced Reps Weight Training

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Arnold Vs Sergio

The battle of the giants Arnold Schwarzenegger versus Sergio Oliva at the Mr 0lympia 1972.

Many still feel that Serio and Arnold are the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

But which one was really the best?

Arnold Schwarzenegger versus Sergio Oliva

Thursday, February 03, 2011

supplements for powerlifters
Daniel Conner With The Trophies He Won With the Help Of Truly Huge Supplements For Powerlifters

"Hello Daniel Conner here and I am writing this letter because I wanted to send an update. I have included a pic of me wearing the Truly Huge T-Shirt with the trophies I had won that day with a record raw bench of 505# at 187# bodyweight. I have found nothing in the way of supplements that has come close to the effects I had gotten using your Andro Shock and Nitrobol.

Thanks for your time and all your support,

Daniel Conner"

Powerlifting Supplements

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Are you avoiding sweets like they were the plague? That’s smart as
eating too much sugar and other related sweeteners can cause
problems for your body. Excess sugar is stored as fat on the body,
and taking lots of sugar at once can cause a real spike in your
metabolism. In addition to these factors, there are the sweeteners
that are even worse – high fructose corn syrup, for instance, which
is really bad for the body. You want to always avoid this
artificial sweetener.

In spite of the negative connotation that sweeteners have, there are
a couple that actually have some benefits.

What is a Healthy Sweetener?

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