Thursday, September 27, 2007

H.I.T. - High Intensity Training Basics

H.I.T. training is based on the theory that you can exhaust and
break down your target muscle area in one set when performed

H.I.T. training is not for beginners. Before starting H.I.T.,
you need to know exactly when your muscles are warmed up. You
also need perfect form in your exercises. If either one of
these lack, the "high intensity" of this type of workout can
cause injury. So please, if you haven't been working out
seriously for at least 6 months, don't consider starting a
H.I.T. program.

A H.I.T. workout will target major muscle groups first.
Depending on the trainee, you will target some or all of the
muscle groups in one session. For most people a split will be
required over 2 or 3 separate sessions. The goal is to build
muscle so you need to give your muscles time to recuperate
and grow. Some H.I.T. trainers will tell you to work your
entire body in one session two to three times a week.
However medical studies suggest that most muscle groups
need a week to recover from a workout to failure.

Before starting your session you need to warm up properly.
Once the target muscle groups are warmed up, you still want
to do a warm up set before each H.I.T. set. You'll do this
set with anywhere from 25-50% of the weight you're going to
use in the target set.

The target set itself will be 8-12 repetitions with the
maximum weight you can handle. If you find that you can
go to 12 reps, you'll need to increase the weight next time.
If you find you can only do 8 reps, you can either stick
with that weight until you can do 10 or more, or go
slightly lower. Always make sure that you have slow,
controlled movements in perfect form.

Your goal however, should be to slightly increase the
weight each week, even if it's just by a pound. Over a
year that does make a 50 pound increase if you can keep
it steady.

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