Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Here's some more great links conerning the truth about Psychiatry:

Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)


Standing Up for Human Rights

My Get Ripped Quick Diet
by Scott Leisler

I've been bodybuilding for about 7 years, and started off
with the idea that I just wanted to get big. After putting on
close to 40 pounds, maybe 85 percent of it muscle, a
bodybuilder wants to get ripped. Over the 7 year period, I
experimented with many diets to get ripped, many times
coming close, but no cigar on 100% satisfaction. The last
3 summers I have dieted down and lost the fat I needed,
but sacrified much muscle in the process. This year, I have
achieved success for the first time. If anybody is
interested in what I have done. This is it in its simplicity.

wake up: 7:15 am
one twin lab ripped fuel, one aspirin
8:00 am
one myoplex deluxe, with creatine (42g p, 25g c, 2g f),
vitamin c, e,
multiple vitamin
10:00 am
a mesotech bar, or myoplex plus bar (about 25g p, 45g c,
7g f)
11:30 am
one twinlab ripped fuel, one aspirin
12: pm
2 chicken breast, brown rice or big baked potato
3:30 pm
metrx bar (32g p, 15g c, 7g f)
6:15 pm
10 egg whites in an omlet with velveta light cheese,
1 large apple
8:00 pm- workout
9:30 pm
myoplex deluxe with creatine (42g p, 25g c, 2g f),
vitamin c, e, multiple vitamin

The idea here is not to eliminate carbs, but to keep
them in the earlier part of the day. Having low carbs
for breakfast, allows for the continuation of fat burning,
but allows for replacement of minerals so muscles
aren't broken down. Then the next couple of hours,
have more carbs, to allow for energy for workouts,
and to keep the muscle you have. Slowly lower
carbs in the early afternoon and evening, not
eliminating, but keeping them low, and making sure
they are low glycemic, or slow absorption rate.

This program relies quite a bit on supplements,
mainly meal replacements, but in a busy schedule
with work, it has worked very fast, and worked the
best I have seen, even better than when I ate a lot
of whole foods instead of supplements. It will take a
little patience, but it works well with the mind games
that you always have when you feel like you're
getting skinny, but still fat. Since you still have
carbs, you keep most of your muscle.

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

As you know I promote drug free bodybuilding and fitness, the reason for this is that drugs have unhealthy and even dangerous side effects!

Tom Cruise has brought to the attention of the public that Psychiatry is a Pseudoscience and that they push their dangerous drugs (even on children!) that do not cure anything.

Anyone who is in the least bit of doubt if Tom is right or not, should really look at the facts. The links below will give you all the proof you need:

American psychiatric Association President admitts that there is no way to test for a “chemical imbalance”

Doctors Lambast Shields’ Dangerous Position on Paxil

The Food and Drug Administration says that “ADHD” stimulants cause visual hallucinations, aggression, violent and suicidal behavior…

Abusing women in the name of psychiatry, prescription drugs

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