Thursday, March 20, 2008

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Biceps Growth Cycle
By Lee Hayward

If you’re biceps just won't respond and you’re tired of spinning
your wheels, then give this basic but effective biceps training
cycle a spin . . . you'll be impressed with the results.

For this program you want to train your biceps only once per
week using the following cycle.

Week 1: Heavy

Go all out in your biceps training during this week. You want to
perform no more than 5-6 working sets (not including warm-ups)
using 3-4 exercises. For optimum mass building results, stick
to reps in the 6-8 range.

Train to failure on each set. Up your intensity with Drop Sets,
Negatives, and Forced Reps on a couple of these exercises. Use
your favorite mass building movements for the biceps. Here’s a
few possibilities:

* Standing Barbell Curl
* Incline Dumbbell Curls
* Preacher Curls
* Hammer Curls
* Straight Bar Cable Curls

Week 2: Light

The idea for this week is to simply pump some blood into your
biceps with a fairly light training session.

Don’t use any of the high intensity techniques you used during
Week 1.

Try using a wide-variety of movements here doing a total of
6-8 sets (go with only one or two sets per exercise). You'll
be using more moderate weights, so you'll want to work in
the 12-15 reps per set range. This week is an excellent
chance to try out a lot of exercises. Here’s some to

* E-Z Bar Curls
* One Arm Cable Curls
* Reverse Curls
* Seated Hammer Curls
* Concentration Curls

Don't overdo it this week. Get to the gym, get a bit of a pump,
and finish up.

There'll be plenty of chances to go wild again next week . . .
and you should. The cycle can be continually repeated with
solid results.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Muscular Weight Gain for my Ectomorphic Friends

Mark DiMaggio, Master Fitness Trainer/Instructor, Sports Nutritionist
& Testing Agent for the IFA, AAPT, & NFPT, Fitness Wellness & Nutrition
Consultant, Corporate Programs Director

The formation of Lean Muscle tissue (Protein Synthesis), takes about 48
hours, if during the "recovery" period, correct eating & resting habits
are adhered to. Where does the 48 hours start? Right after your weight
resistance routine. You must eat immediately after exercise, within 15
to 30 minutes. If I had known this one physiological fact, I am positive
I would have had the muscular body I wanted at about age 14, instead of
age 18. The body's receptors are completely open to accept nutritional
uptake at optimum levels immediately after exercise. Your energy levels
are depleted and in dire need of nutrients to replenish the energy
storage units of the body - your muscles. Muscles are the battery
storage units of the entire body.

You must eat a meal that has sufficient amounts of Carbohydrates and
Protein after workouts. If you just eat high protein foods, your body
is forced to use proteins for energy. This stresses the liver & kidneys,
along with energy levels. Protein takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to be
converted to an energy source, but Carbohydrates replenish your energy
stores more rapidly, in only about 20 to 40 minutes, and "Spare" your
Protein for the process of protein synthesis, the actual building of
lean muscle tissue. You need at least 20 grams of Protein and 30 grams
of Carbohydrates at each meal, 5 to 6 times a day.

If you want to gain the most amount of muscle in the shortest time,
you must learn to eat by "Timing Your Meals," instead of eating when
it is convenient or when you are hungry. The reason is simple, because
your Liver searches the blood stream for "complete chains" of amino
acids every 3 to 4 hours. If all of the essential amino acids are in
place (circulating in your blood stream TOGETHER), the liver will convert
these "Complete Proteins" into new muscle tissue. If one or more of the
essential amino acid chain is not in the blood stream, the liver
stresses. Now the most active organ in the body (the liver performs 64
vital functions daily, and is as active as the heart during sleep) has
to go into the amino acid storage units of the body (muscle tissue), to
extract the missing amino acids to complete the essential-chain. If the
missing amino acids are not readily available, or in low supply, protein
synthesis will not be completed. To add insult to injury, the existing
incomplete amino acid chain is then passed through the body and excreted
as "wastes" never to be used again, a process called deamination. All
that work by the liver, and no results. Carbohydrates are not to be
avoided! They are your best friends when it comes to "Protein Sparing".

If the routine stimulates your white fast-twitch muscle cords (the
strength cords of muscle), the growth will be more pronounced than the
red fast-twitch (intermediate), or red slow-twitch (endurance), muscle
cords. So it makes sense to utilize exercises that stimulate the largest
muscle groups with sufficient weight resistance enabling you to perform
6 to 12 repetitions per set before muscle fatigue causes you to end the
set (this is not "exhaustion," simply the beginning of a muscle "burn"
prior to exhaustion).

Performing 4 to 5 sets per muscle group 2 times per/week per-body part,
will stimulate rapid growth, or hypertrophy (muscle mass development).
Resting at least 3 days after your weight-resistance workout insures
that your muscle tissue has healed completely, and takes you out of
the risk zone of joint & tendon damage, the #1 side effect of
over-training. The white fast-twitch muscle cord burns the greatest
amount of energy, and grows at the fastest rate compared to the 2
other muscle-twitch fibers, but if over-trained, there will be no
growth, just a constant feeling of fatigue with no results.

Try to consume 20 to 35 grams of Protein @ each meal along with 30
grams of low Glycemic Carbohydrates and only 7 to 9 grams of fats at
each meal. If you are going to overeat, make sure the largest portion
of your binge is a good protein source.

Based on your weight, For Example: (170 lbs.), height, (6'1'), and
body-fat (9%), your LBW (Lean Body Weight) is 154.7 lbs. This means your
Basal Metabolic Rate (the lowest amount of calories you can "exist" on
daily) is 1701 calories. Your body always burns much more than that daily
such as Work, Exercise, & Leisure expenditures. You need an overage of
good calories (foods high in nutrients) to create Lean Muscle tissue.
Let's start with the amounts listed below.

Calorie Content For Each Meal

Protein: 100 to 200+ calories (+ or more +)

Carbohydrates: 120 to 150 calories

Fat: 60 to 80 calories (- or less -)

Total Calories each Meal: 350 to 450

Meals Each Day: 5 to 6 per/day

Total Calories Consumed Daily: 2500 to 3000 calories

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some Basic Rules

In order to achieve the maximum benefits and to train effectively
and safely, always observe these principles:

Warm Up & Cool Down:

This cannot be stressed enough. Most workout-related injuries can
be avoided by proper warm-up and cool-down. Your muscles need a 5
to 15 minute warm-up as well as a brief cool-down. This holds true
for all weight training workouts.

Start At The Appropriate Level:

If you begin training at to high a level you risk serious injury.
You will also develop poor form, which will hinder your efforts
and discourage you. Use this as a guideline: If you cannot lift
the weight your working with 10 times with proper form, the weight
is too heavy. Similarly, don't choose too light a weight; the last
2-3 repetitions of your set should be difficult.

Proper Technique:

To get the most out of training and to reduce the chance of injury,
use proper lifting techniques. These include working with your
muscles through their full range of motion (Not locking out any
joints), lifting at a speed at which you can control the weight
and easily stop if necessary, and maintaining good posture.

Exercise Large Muscles First:

You should work your large muscle groups first-your chest, back,
and legs - before you exercise your biceps, triceps and smaller
muscle groups. Because our bodies naturally recruit large muscle
fibers first, these muscles will be the first to fatigue.

Progress Gradually:

Increase reps before increasing resistance. Reduce rest interval
between sets to increase workload.

Breath Correctly:

Do no hold you breath. Exhale at the moment of highest effort.

Challenge Your Muscles:

All training should begin progressively, using increases in weight
until your goals or a plateau are reached. Then, change your workout
to include increased reps with lowered weights at the end of a set,
change the order of exercise, or add sets, etc., to reach new goals.
(workouts should change about every 6-weeks).

Give Your Muscles & Mind A Rest:

You'll get the most out of your training if you give your muscles at
least 48 hours rest between weight training workouts to recover and

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