Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Science of Fat Loss

by Paul Becker

The human body was designed to survive.

The way it survives during times of famine is to:

1) Lower metabolic rate, to use as few calories as possible.

2) Burn off lean tissue (muscle) as fuel.

3) Store as much fat, as possible, in order to have a reserve of
calories on hand.

Most people skip meals or eat too few calories during the day, by
doing this you are putting your body into starvation mode, which
the body treats as a famine and lowers metabolism.

And most people also come home at night and eat a big meal followed
by a few snacks, by loading up on calories at night you are signaling
your body to store up fat.

The right thing to do is...

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

During the first stages of training, overloading your muscles for a
good workout may seem easy. Lets face it, during the initial stages,
almost any training will overload your muscles.

As your workouts progress, so should the intensity. At a certain
point in their regime, most trainers hit a distinct plateau. While
they may have been increasing weights and reps, there comes a point
when your body adapts to those workouts and merely maintains current
size and strength. At this point dramatic changes must take place in
order to continue at aa decent rate of progress. One of these
changes in strategy is Slow Continuous Tension Training.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bodybuilding Expert Dwayne Hines Interview

Q. Can you give us some background about yourself?

A. I am a bodybuilding and fitness writer as well as a personal trainer. I work for a state agency for my primary job, and I write part-time. I am married and have two active young boys. My goal is to raise them to be Godly young men.

Q. What got you started in bodybuilding and fitness?

A. I started lifting weights for football (I made the All-State Football team my senior year) but migrated over to bodybuilding...

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

One Exercise Per Body Part

Really? Only one exercise per body part?

This is an almost forgotten old school bodybuilding techinque, used by
such greats as Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Vince Gironda, etc., to build
maximum muscle mass.

The Benefits of Doing One Exercise Per Body Part

Vince Gironda said, "Do one exercise per body part, if you want to
get big fast."

This training routine has many benefits. First it is simple, you just
pick your favorite exercise and you put your all into it. Another
benefit is that you will get a much better pump than with any other
workout routine.

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