Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lethargy – To Train Or Not To Train?
By BigCanuk

As per usual, as the winter settles in, a lot of the guys I hear
from are telling me the same thing; that with the cold season,
their zeal has dropped and their workouts are diminishing. I also
am in that category. It's real tough to live in a country where
cold weather is prevalent almost half the year! I've always told
myself I would one day live in a country where the climate would
be more tropical but so far it hasn't transpired. I envy those
people who live in paradise all year long! But enough of my
whining about the winter. There are certain things that can be
done to combat this natural occurrence.

Outside of changing my training when necessary, a couple of tricks
I use to take the edge off winter are these items. First off, I
bought a hot tub. You know, it's interesting how sitting in
103-degree water makes the snow and cold become so tolerable all
of a sudden.

Another trick is to be tanned. While everyone else around seems to be
looking pale and white and sickly, it seems that nothing looks as
good as a healthy looking tan. Obviously the sun isn't going
to do the job and although the medical research won't exactly
say that sun tanning beds outright cause skin cancer, it seems the
general consensus is that they are bad for you. So what's a guy to
do? I ordered an oral tanning product called "Canthaxanthin". The
stuff works and best of all, it's non-toxic to the body. So you get
to look tanned and don't have to worry about the bad effects of it
on your body.

For the training aspect. We all know how hard it is to get into
a workout especially when you're not excited about it. Well, I've finally
stumbled onto a little key that helps unlock those lethargic training times.
First of all, tell yourself that you are only going to the gym for a half-hour
to train. Surely, you can spare a half-hour out of your day, right? Next pick
the body part that is your favorite to train. Usually, this is not what you're
supposed to do as it takes away from the intensity of what's needed to pick up
those lagging body parts but in this case, we're trying to just get into an
intensity mode. It doesn't take long to find the workout falling into place
and going well once your favorite muscle group starts feeling that pump and
burn. The next thing you know, the half-hour is over and you've accomplished
the most important thing of the day. Your workout. Most of the day, we give
and sacrifice our time and abilities for others whether it be work or play
or visiting family/friends but when you're at the gym, that is for you. Try
to make it count as the best it can be.

I hope this helps beat some of those lethargic times that is sure to come
along and hit every one of us sometime during the winter months when it is
tougher to get motivated.

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