Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Training To Failure Pro
When you train (with whatever method you are using) don't put a specific number of repetitions in your mind. For example, if you say you're going to do 10 reps of a particular exercise, don't stop at 10 if you really could have done 11 or 12. Lift each set to COMPLETE failure (with good form). That is accomplished more easily WITHOUT putting a specific rep number in your head!Greg Jones

Training To Failure Con
Unless you are fairly skinny, bench less than, say, 225 x 6, or are under 26, forget training to so-called "failure." Over the course of a few months this, along with forced reps, negatives and the like will just about gaurantee a halt to your progress. Decide first if your goal is size or strength. For size, try sets of 12-15, taking 36-60 secondsto complete sets; for strength try sets of 3-5 taking 10-15 seconds per set. Two exercises or so per muscle group should do it, with 3 sets per exercise, once weekly. Most of these guys screaming about "training 'til you puke" weigh 150 lbs, are 16-18, and can't bench their bodyweight for 12, so be careful whose advice you take!An Old Man

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